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SelfEcho Enterprise Solution


Use our technology to connect with the individual.

How Health Systems and Pharmaceutical Companies stay connected to clients.

The advent of digital health offers health systems and pharmaceutical companies unprecedented options to maintain a relationship with clients/patients in between in office/hospital settings.  SelfEcho’s patent pending platform provides health providers and pharmaceutical companies the power to capture & monitor vital psychological and physical metrics.  The smartphone app (iOS & Android) is configured by the health administrator for a group of participants or customized for each individual.


The robust and easy to use Web platform enables health system and pharmaceutical company administrators to monitor psychological / physical metrics of key patients – even automatically alerting the administrator about any critical information.

If you’re seeking a mobile survey system based on psychology, you’re going to get much more than anticipated.

SelfEcho’s Mobile Therapy application uses its surveys, proprietary linguistic analysis, and phone sensors to actively and passively gather information about patients’ emotions, behaviors, movements, interpersonal interactions, and more.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Web, IOS and Android compatible
  • Custom or pre-engineered patient disorder analysis Modules (Surveys)
  • Customized application and dashboard
  • Alerts based on specific parameters
  • User behavior reports
  • User psychology reports

One of the primary analysis engines used in the Mobile Therapy is the proprietary system called LIWC.  This algorithm has been over 20 years in the making and we own the license for all mobile software applications.

With complex specifications, we are able to use our proven collection methods and present enterprise users with both standard hard data spreadsheets and a graphical analytics dashboard.

To create custom surveys, we use our list of over 500 pre-proven analysis questions to choose the ones that would give the best information related to your enterprise.

With the Mobile Therapy Software in place, you will now be able to quickly compare psychological and behavioral trends, activates and people all in one proprietary dashboard and mobile application.

SelfEcho is trusted by some of the World’s leading organizations.  Please review our featured case studies below:

Large health systems:

  • Monitor of post care patients

  • Uniform analysis of psychological metrics for critical patients

  • Observation of patients by residents and physicians in between in-person rounds

Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Clinical Efficacy analysis on psychological impact of drugs

  • Survey of emotional/qualitative factors for comparison & benchmark analysis

  • Valuable data repository showing assessment analysis across large studies


To start positively impacting your health system or pharmaceutical initiatives, contact us to learn more about SelfEcho’s award-winning and research inspired platform here.
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