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SelfEcho’s software for therapists makes security a priority

HIPAA Compliance

SelfEcho makes security a priority. Our entire system is run on HIPAA compliant servers. There are multiple levels of security on the system including security question verification, IP address checks, firewalls, and automatic logouts. All data is encrypted through a 128bit SSL comparable to banking protocols. We use the highest standards and are routinely audited by third party HIPAA. We do our part and you do yours. You are responsible for not distributing materials.

Privacy and Patient Data

All patients voluntarily participate in SelfEcho. All data collected by SelfEcho is classified as patient medical information and is strictly confidential. SelfEcho complies with all Federal and State privacy laws and regulations. Patient data is stored securely and cannot be viewed in association with any given patient except by that patient’s clinician.

Data may be anonymously aggregated for general scientific research purposes to advance understandings of mental health and science. All research will follow standard protocol and blah blah blah. Patients who choose not to use the SelfEcho system will still be provided a level of care by their clinician. Additional details about data use and privacy can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Clinician Information

Patients who choose not to participate in SelfEcho are not to be refused care by clinicians. General data about clinician use of the system may be anonymously aggregated from clinician accounts for general research purposes, to identify technical issues and to help us optimize the site.  No personal clinician information or identifying formation about the clinician’s practice will be shared without the clinician’s explicit consent.

SelfEcho is not designed as a real-time intervention tool. Patient information is meant to be viewed periodically and applied to improve efficacy of therapy sessions and treatment plans. Patients who are having an emergency are explicitly advised not to expect information entered into the SelfEcho mobile application to be responded to and are are encouraged to contact the appropriate emergency services by calling 911 or a crisis hotline. We do not recommend using SelfEcho for patients who are at high risk of suicide.The SelfEcho Terms and Conditions are designed to protect SelfEcho and the clinician from liability associated with not responding to critical information provided by the SelfEcho system. We do not make any guarantees associated with liability protection for clinicians.