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The New Corporate Wellness Tool

Positivity. Productivity. Profitability. 

UpJoy is a corporate wellness tool that combines structured breaks with positivity to reduce burnout and stress to boost mood and morale. UpJoy exposes employees to a broad range of inspirational, calming, funny and otherwise uplifting content that is customized to their personal preferences. An administrative dashboard tracks employee participation and allows for easy capture of data via customizable surveys to assess the ROI of the system and other information about employee morale, perception and health.

upjoy corporate wellness tool

Multiple journal reviewed scientific studies have shown that viewing such content can undo the physiological and cognitive impacts of stress and upset and psychological research supports the idea that when we experience positive emotions we broaden and build our psychological, intellectual, physical and social resources, becoming more creative, resilient, socially adept, interested, better problem solvers, etc. Tests with UpJoy show significant positive shifts in users reported emotional states and when someone feels better they perform better. Happy employees miss less days of work, accomplish more on the job, are physically healthier and perhaps most importantly, contribute to a more constructive team and office environment.